Sunday, February 6, 2011

Some good deals the past week...

Last week, I took advange of the buy 10 save $4 deal or whatever it was at, goodness, I dont even remember the store! Bakers I think? Anyway, their cans of Rotel tomatoes were $.49 each after the discount and I had 10 '.30 off 1 rotel tomatoes' coupons, so I got 10 of the for $1.90!!

Yesterday here were some of the deals I got:

Activa yogurt at Target: they were $1.87 each (.13 cheaper than Walmart), and I had a bunch of '$1 off 1 Activa yogurt' so I got 6 of them for $.87 each! Yum.

Bacon: this bacon is usually $3.18 at Walmart, somewhere had it on sale last week at 2 for $5 so I was going to price match that. HOWEVER, I had 2 '$1 off OM bacon' at Target and their price was actually cheaper than Walmart ($3.04) so I got them for $2.04 each....

Wishbone salad dressing: Target had these marked down to $1.60, I had 2 coupon 'stacks', one was '.75 off one pourable dressing' target coupon, stacked with a '$1 off wishbone' mft coupon...the other stack was '.60 off wishbone salad dressing' target coupon and '$1 off wishbone' mft coupon, so I got them both free!

Dove deal at Walgreens.... the Dove body wash was 4 for $15 which made them $3.75 each, then I used a '$1.25 off 1' coupon 4 times so I ended up paying, like $11 with tax for those and got a $5 RR.....
the deoderant was also 4 for $15 which made them $3.75 each and I had 4 '$2 off 1 Dove deoderant coupon' so I paid $1.75 each and got a $5 RR...However I am thinking I could have gotten these cheaper at Walmart...ya live and ya learn!

Reach floss: .97 at Walmart, I had 2 '$1 off reach floss coupons = FREE!

Kraft American cheese: No Frills had a deal this week, buy 2 for $2. I had 2 '$1 off 1 Kraft American cheese slices' coupon so I got both for FREE!!

Did you score any good deals this week?

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