Sunday, January 30, 2011

This weekends shopping, other deals...

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Here's what I price matched this week at Walmart:
Gerber 2nd foods pears: .79 each
Campbell's Homestyle chicken soup 1.00
Totinos .96 each (I bought 10 and used 2 '$1 off 5' coupons)
iceberg lettuce .88
bananas .39lb
green peppers .50 each
buddig ham .50 each
8oz generic shredded cheese 1.50 each
3# bag froz bone/skinless chicken breasts 3.99
18ct eggs 1.39

I also got some good deals elsewhere...

Activa 4pk yogurt $1.87
-$1 off 1 coupon
= $.87 each

Market Pantry 8oz shredded cheese, on sale for $1.89 each
-$1 off 2 coupon
=$1.39 each

Kraft American Cheese 16ct slices on sale for $2.39 (just paid $2.68 for this same pk last week at Walmart)
- 2 '$1 off 1' mft. coupons
-$1 off 2 Target coupon
=$.89 each!
**Does anyone know if American cheese freeze well? We bought block cheese and froze it but I am finding after thawing out that it doesn't shred has a tendency to 'crumble'...?

Also, I got 2 good catalina coupons at this transaction: one for '1.50 off 3 Market Pantry cheese' and one '$1 off 1 Activa yogurt', so I will be getting more of the Activa next weekend and more cheese if its still on sale.

They had in their ad last week '$2 for 5' for thier Oscar Mayer fully cooked bacon. My girls LOVE this stuff and its normally $3 a box at Walmart. They also had their small stayfree packs on sale for $1.99 (I think it was a 24ct) and I had some coupons that are expiring soon and a $2 Register Reward so here's what I did:
2 bacon -$5
2 Stayfree -$1.99 each
-used $2 Register Reward
-used 'Buy 1 Get 1 Free mft coupon
Total =5.27

Here are some good deals I am seeing in the Sunday paper ads:

*the following are 'buy 10 get $5 off your grocery order with card', the price reflects the discount
-Hunt's Diced tomatoes .49
-Rotel tomatoes .49
-Hormel Chili .89
-Philadelphia Cream cheese 8oz 1.19 (even better if you have a coupon!)
-Progresso .99 (look for $1 off 4 coupon from the coupon inserts from this month)

Mega Cereal sale: Lucky Charms 24oz, Honey Nut cheerios 25.25oz or Cinnamon Toast Crunch 24.9oz box :2.99 each
I have a coupon for $1.50 off 2 Cinnamon Toast Crunch, so I plan to use that to get an even better deal. That size box, I believe, is usually $3.68 at Walmart

oreos 2.00
Pringles 3pk 3.00
Spaghettio's and meatballs 1.00
Malt O Meal 1.67 (great deal if you still have the '$2 off 2' coupon from the Sunday inserts this month!)

Hope you are finding some good deals this week!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weekly Grocery store ads Jan 26-Feb 1

Looking thru the ads for this week, these are just some deals that stick out to me...

carrots $.49 for a 2lb bag
yellow onions $.89 for a 3lb bag
russet potatoes $1.79 for a 10lb bag
navel oranges $1.49 for a 4lb bag

Progresso Soup 12 for $12
*coupon: $1 off 4 from a coupon insert
Green Peppers 2 for $1
Ambrosia, Red and Golden Delicious Apples $.79lb

Campbells Spaghetti or Spaghettio's $.58 a can
Uncle Ben's Rice $1.59
*coupon for $1 off 1 from coupon insert
Cheerios 2 for $5
*coupon $1 off 2 from a printable online coupon
cantaloupe $1.88
Knorr Sides $1 each
*buy 15 Knorr sides and get $5 off
Yoplait yogurt 10 for $5
*coupon for $.40 off 6 from an online printable coupon
Campbells soup $1 each

Bag N Save
3lb bag of froz/skinless chicken breasts $3.99
18ct larges eggs $1.39
Village Hearth white or wheat bread $.89

Super Saver
Totinos pizza $.96 each
*coupon for $1 off 5 from an online printable coupon
Land O Lakes 22oz cottage cheese $1.65
Red Seedless Grapes $1.46lb
Campbells Chunky Soup $1.18 a can
*coupons for $1 off 3, $1.50 off 4 and $2 off 5, online
Pillsbury brownie mix $.92 each

No Frills
Tyson Frozen Split chicken breasts $.88 lb
Dole iceberg lettuce $.88 each
Creamette pasta 12-16oz $.68 each
Crystal Farms 8oz shredded or chunk cheese 2 for $3

I apologize for not having better coupon information, such as what coupon came from what insert or online coupon source, but I'm new at this! =)
Hope you guys snag some good deals this week!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thoughts on yesterday's shopping trip

Just wanted to share a little about my shoppin trip yesterday, what I got, where I went etc...

First stop was to Walgreens for their incredible homestyle Mac N Cheese deal (read the post below this one about that)...

Then to Aldi's. I typically only spend $10-17 here every week. Here are the things I pick up here: potato chips ($1.30), pretzels ($1.30), can of croissants ($1.30), can of biscuits ($.38), tortilla chips ($.99), 4# bag of oranges ($1.49), noodle packs ($.60), small can of mandarin oranges ($.49), frozen burritos ($.29), cinnamon graham crackers ($1.30).
I have also purchased (and liked) their: flour, sugar, corn muffin mix, canned olives, apples, and sometimes their grapes.

After that we stopped at Target where I purchase the waffle for my boy to eat (no dairy). I also did another Special K cereal deal. I used the mft 'Buy 1 Get 1 Free' coupon and stacked with a '$1 off 2' Target coupon. The cereal was on 'Price Cut' yesterday at 2 for $5, so I got 2 boxes of cereal at $.75 each. Score. =)

Then to Walmart for the bulk of my shopping. Some of the good deals I got here:
-Campbells Chunky Soup: On 'roll back at Walmart for $1.50 a can. But Hyvee has it on sale this week for $.99 a can and I had 4 '$1 of 2' coupons, so I got 8 cans for $4!!!
-Trash Bags: the Glad Flex Force 55 count box was $6.84 but I had a $3 off 1 mft coupon making them just $3.84 a box!
-Ronzoni pasta: Walmart has these $1.08 a box and I had a '$1 off 2' mft coupon, so I paid $1.16 for 2 boxes!
-Eggs: I priced matched the eggs to $.88 (on sale at Fareway), and then used a $.55 off 2 coupon making them $.60 each!!

Then we went to No Frills for their 'Buy 10 get $3 off' deal. I got an asst, of 10 of the following: Chef Boyardee Ravioli, Healthy Choice soup and Hunt's Diced tomatoes for $6.80. They also had an in ad coupon 'Buy 4 boxes of Kraft mac N Cheese and they ended up being, I think $.39 each! I think I'm set as far as Mac N Cheese goes =)

Today I am going to send hubby to Bag N Save to get some Banquet Meals. I know they aren' the healthiest but my older 3 girls like them, so I let them have 1 for lunch 1 time a week. They are on sale for $.59 each when you buy 10 and use the in ad coupon.

What kind of deals have you purchased this week?

Great deal I got at Walgreens yesterday!

4 bags of Kraft homestyle Mac N Cheese...paid $.17 each!! Here's how I did it:
Kraft Homestyle Mac N Cheese on sale at Walgreens 3 for $5 ($1.67 each)
I used 4 '$1 off Kraft Homestyle Mac N Cheese' mft coupons.
I stacked with the Walgreens '$1 off 2 Homestyle Mac N Cheese' coupon (this coupon is in their monthly coupon booklet which you can pick up in the store)
which made them $.17 each!!!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My two GOOOOOD Deals!!

Paper from Office Depot. 10 Reams (5,000 sheets)
Regularalty 43.99
Used 40% coupon made it 27.60 (including tax)
THEN you get a rebate back in the form of a Visa card for $20 making this WHOLE box $7.60!!!!! It usually cost us $6 to buy just TWO reams of paper at Walmart but we are getting 10 for just slightly more than that.
My girls go thru paper like a hog thru slop so this was a HUGE find.
Walgreens Deals.
Ok, I am still confused about how all this Walgreen's mish mash works, so I made my hubby go try things out and blaze the trail for me.
No worries, I am making him brownies tonight for his troubles.
After all, a manly man who goes out and buys his wife, *ahem*, 'sanitary napkins' deserves a little treat, right? Of course I may eat 1/2 the pan for MY troubles, but thats besides the point...

Here's what I, I mean *HE* got....
Paid $6.11 for all of it!!
The Special K was 2 for $5. We also had 2 of the 'Buy 1 Get 1 Free' coupons, so he ran these thru in 2 different transaction. Each transaction cost $2.50 (for 2 boxes of cereal) and got him a $2 Register Reward.
Then the Stayfree. It was $6.79 and we had a $3 off 1 coupon from the Walgreens ad (you can use the coupon more than once), and we had a Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon.
So he had it run like this:
Had them scan both packs, then run the BOGO coupon (which was good up to $6 value so it only took of $6), then the $3 Walgreens was run thru TWICE since he bought 2 packs bring the total owed to $1.58 or something like that. He had a $2 RR (Register Reward to use) but they told him it has to be over the $2 RR amount. So he got 2 Nut Roll candy bars (my absoLUTE favorite! Seriously, he buys me pads AND my favorite candy bar? Yeah. He's a keeper.)
And his total out of pocket spent for the pads and 2 candy bars (candy bars were 2 for $1) was $1.11!!
I dont know. It looks confusing here, but on the receipt it all makes sense. He was $.58 OVER the $2 Register Reward, and tax was $.53.

So, we paid $5 of 4 boxes of cereal, $1.11 for 2 packs of pads and 2 candy bars and we STILL
have a $2 RR to use!

Also, I had given him 2 sets of coups to use for the Walgreens Stay free deal (2 mft and 2 Walgreens) and he only got to use 1 set as Walgreens was out of the Stayfree.
SO he took it to Walmart and was able to use it there!
He got 3 pks of pads at Walmart at $5.28 each, then used the buy 1 get 1 free coup and the Walgreens $3 off coupon (so they took $3 off, 3 times since he got 3 packs) and he ended up paying $5.25 for 3 packs there!
I was NOT expecting him to do that. What a guy. Now I got pads comin' out my ears!!
I think I am going to stick them on to my girls feet tomorrow and get them to clean the house with them.
Fun and chore traning all in one! =)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Some deals I am taking advantage of this week...

I have been busy writing out my shopping list for tomorrow and thought I would share with you what I am price matching and what coups I am using on some items (this wont be my whole list, just some highlighted deals) =) *PM stands for 'price matched'

Huggies 320-360 wipes 7.99 PM'd to ShopKo
Gerber's 2nd foods .89 each PM'd Bakers (Jaidyn STILL loves these) =)
1 box each of Cookie Crisp and Cheerios: $1.50 off 2 coupon
Great Value canned peaches and pears .69 each PM'd to HyVee
Hellmans 30oz mayo 2.88 PM I THINK this was Bakers but I have to look it up again, PLUS I have a $.7 off 1 coupon
4 avacados .25 each PM'd to Aldi's
10# bag russet potatoes 2.99 PM'd to Bakers
Eggs .88 each PM'd to Fareway and using $.55 off 2 coupon
16oz Robert's sour cream and chip dip $.88 each PM'd to Super Saver
Land O Lakes 1 gal milk 2.18 PM'd to Super Saver
Land O Lakes 22oz Cottage cheese .99 PM'd to Bag N Save
*I am hoping to spend less than $150 this week which is a lower spending week for me. We are usually closer to $175-$200.

I may also go to Walgreens for more Stayfree using their in ad coupon and a mft. coupon.
I may also take advantage of their Special K deal. Right now they are 2 for $5 and you get $2 Register Rewards, PLUS I have a Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon =)

I LOVE a good deal =)

Stayfree deal at Walgreens!

Walgreens has a coupon in their weekly ad for $3 off a pack of Stayfree. Then the Sunday paper inserts had a coup for Buy 1 Get 1 Free. Apparently there is also a $1 off 1 coup that you can use in conjunction with this deal, but I'm not quite that savvy yet =)
I paid $2.54 for 2 packs! not the best deal, but still a great savings =)
I may go try it again this weekend with the $1 off coupon as well, IF I am feeling brave =)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

GREAT shopping trip today and some 'new and improved' =)

*side note: I just spent 30 min writing up a post and went to publish and my internet disconnected! So please believe me when I say the 'first draft' was full to wit and charm, this one will be probably be full of facts and boredom* sigh

Target trip today: 4 boxes Special K cereal, Reese PB mini cups, Colgate toothpaste =$5.74
This cereal was on sale $2/5. I had a mft 'Buy 1 Get 1 Free' on Special K cereal, and a '$1 off 2 Special K' Target coup. I staked these twice and managed to get the boxes for $.75 each!
The Reese's were $2.50 and I had a $1 off Target coupon.
Colgate was $2.49 and I had a $.75 off mft coup and stacked it with a $1 off Target coup.
*I actually went BACK in and got that cereal deal again as I had 2 more 'sets' of mft and Target coups. So 8 boxes of cereal at $.75 each!!

The receipt I am going to bronze.
Or at least custom frame.

Ok, here is my new 'system'!
This is my 3 ring binder.
On the front I have my grocery list. Aldi list at the top, Walmart list in the middle (done in aisle order, price matches are notated as are coupons), Target at the bottom. You can click to enlarge.

Front inside pocket.
On the left are coups to use at Target. Middle are coups I am thinking of using if I can find a good enough deal, right are coups to use at Walmart.

The coupon box has been 'let go' (poor thing), and replaced by this handy dandy 3 hole punched pouch, whose intended purpose was as a pencil holder. It has been promoted to coupon keeper and is TICKLED pink about that =)

I love having my coups with me at the store incase I see an unadvertised sale that I JUST might have a coupon for.

My grocery notebook.
I sit down w/ my grocery ads when they come out and write down the store, and under the store, any items I may want to price match at Walmart, and I also note if I have an coups for that item. Behind the notebook are the grocery ads and any Sunday ads I may be using to price match.
I have used this system for 2 weeks and love it! It may change and evolve 2 or 8 times over the next however long, but for now, I's stickin' wit it =)

Friday, January 7, 2011

I won!!

Good grief how I love free stuff =)
I entered a giveaway at 'Cycle and Style' on Facebook and won!
Go HERE (my fitness blog-its a direct link to my post) to read about my loot!!

Ways I have been saving money...

So here are some ways I have been saving money the last month, I am sure there are a TON more ways, but I am trying to baby step my way into this whole frugality thing. But I welcome any tips!

First off recycling.
We go thru phases with recycling. However, the last month I have been very diligent about putting any and everything that is able to be recycled, into the recycle bin.
The outcome is that we have gone from throwing 7-8 bags of trash away every week, to 4-5 bags!

Menu planning.
I have been consistently doing this since the beginning of December and it has been SO helpful! I love that my girls can go look at the menu for the week and see what we are having for lunch and dinner everyday and help by getting stuff ready.

Price matching.
I scour the circulars every Wednesday morning looking for great deals and then price match them at Walmart.

Clipping Coupons.
As of yet, I havent saved a ton of money doing this, but again, I am a newbie with a lot to learn. I do like that Laura over a QponSavingMommas keeps track of her coupon savings so she can see her progress. She is a coupon QUEEN!

We have started to use washcloths instead of paper towels in almost all instances. This has taken us from going thru an average size roll a day, to an average size roll every 3-4 days. I got some 'mega' Bounty rolls at the store 2 weeks ago and one of those rolls is lasting us for 1 week!

It has also been helpful to go to my favorite coupon/frugal blogs and sites and see the deal scenarios they post and the coupon match ups.
We have also tried to do more fresh produce for snack time and I have tried to buy whats on sale to save money in that area.
Aldi has been a fun place to shop for a deal too, on things that I cant get cheaper at a 'regular' store. For example, we eat a lot of pretzels here for a snack and had been buying the Rold Gold brand for $2.50 a bag. Aldi has that same size bag of pretzels for $1.30!
They also have canned biscuit dough (like Pillsbury) for $.30 a can and it has no dairy, so even my dairy allergic child can eat it!
I will be posting my favorite coupon blogs in the next day or so, so be watching!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Walgreens Deals Jan 2-8

Check out the Walgreens deals for this week over HERE
She puts a lot of work into these!

Thanks, ChicksDigDeals!

FREE shoes!!

If you read my fitness/running blog at you have been following my Nike shoe saga. If not, I think it was post worthy here. What girl doesn't love free? =)

I bought a pr of Nike Air Max 2009s back in July of last year and used them only for running. By November I had about 200 miles on them. I got home from one of my runs in November and happened to look at the soles of my shoes, which I NEVER do, and noticed that I had worn thru the heel of the sole on the right shoe, and had 'popped' the air cushion in the sole meaning I had NO heel support.
I am more of a 'fore-heel' stricker so I didnt notice it. I have NO clue how long it had been that way.

I went to Finishline to get a new pair and mentioned my predicament to the guy working there who basically just said 'yeah, that's too bad'. Thanks alot buddy.
However, the apparently more HELPFUL and KNOWLEDGE worker was ALSO told my story (hey, it pays to advertise!) as he was checking me out and said 'why dont you see if Nike will give you a new pair?' WHAT????
So I calmly said 'they will do that?' in my most whispering astonished voice.
He chuckled 'yeah. I'm sending mine back and I've had them for 2 years. They're sending me a new pair.
For Free.'

Um, ok. So I went ahead and bought the new 2010s anyway JUST incase (saved big bucks by buying them in the kid size!).
Hubby called Nike, they said to send them in and file a claim. They would either deny the claim and send the shoes back, or accept the claim and send us a voucher for full retail price to use on their website.

And they accepted!! From what I hear, Nike is all about getting customers for life and treating their peeps right. SO I was VERY pleased. They even paid for shipping!
I put my order thru on Dec 23, Thursday, and received my shoes the following Thursday.

Nike rocks.


Walmart and competitors coupons

Just thought this was post worthy.

I got an ad for Walmart this weekend that CLEARLY states that not only will they match a competitors local, current ad price but that they also accept competitors coupons!!
I tried it this past weekend with a Target coupon and the cashier didnt even bat an eyelash.

Good to know!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE BK Chicken Sandwiches

Burger King, buy 1 chicken sandwich, get the 2nd FREE! Going on now, excludes specialty versions.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Shopping Trip and savings

Went to 2 stores this morning, Wal-Mart and Target.

Target: I usually only go here for 2 things. The waffles that my little guy can eat (by Earth's Best) and the Kashi cereal bars that my 4th daugther can eat (dairy free).
The waffles were $2.79. The Kashi bars are usually $2.79 but were on clearance today for $1.95 AND I had a '$1 off 2' coupon for them!! I came home and printed another one for hubby to take and buy some more =)
Their Eggo Cinnamon Toast waffle were on sale this week for $1.72 (Walmart's normal price on these is $1.98) and I had a coupon for $1 off 2.
I also looking in their Christmas clearance section and nothing was screaming at me to buy it. I DID however snag a pk of 70ct muffin tins for $.44!

Wal-Mart is where I do most of my shopping and I spent $113 there today.
I went to the clearance section first and got a pk of knock-off peppermint oreos ($.88), a box of chocolates ($1.25) and a set of 5 red plastic cups ($.50) since the ones we use are starting to crack.

The only killer deal I got here was on toilet paper. A 4 pk (each roll is BIG) of Scott's toilet paper was $2.64 and I had a $2 off coupon from Target, so the toilet paper ended up being $.64!!

We just got a Walmart flyer in the newspaper today and it CLEARLY states on the front that they DO take competitor's coupons!! YAY!!

I priced matched 7 items there today...the Eggo waffles (yes I bought them at both stores) =),
totinos-$.98 each, bananas-$.44 a lb, green peppers 2 for $1, 10# bag potatoes-$2.99, yogurt-$.38 each and 1 gal of Land O Lakes milk-$1.88.

I noticed that Target had a lot of toys on clearance at a pretty good price so I may go back and see what I can find for Ariel and Josh's birthdays coming up in February.

I still have to make one trip to Aldi tomorrow which should come in around $18.

So far so good!