Saturday, January 15, 2011

My two GOOOOOD Deals!!

Paper from Office Depot. 10 Reams (5,000 sheets)
Regularalty 43.99
Used 40% coupon made it 27.60 (including tax)
THEN you get a rebate back in the form of a Visa card for $20 making this WHOLE box $7.60!!!!! It usually cost us $6 to buy just TWO reams of paper at Walmart but we are getting 10 for just slightly more than that.
My girls go thru paper like a hog thru slop so this was a HUGE find.
Walgreens Deals.
Ok, I am still confused about how all this Walgreen's mish mash works, so I made my hubby go try things out and blaze the trail for me.
No worries, I am making him brownies tonight for his troubles.
After all, a manly man who goes out and buys his wife, *ahem*, 'sanitary napkins' deserves a little treat, right? Of course I may eat 1/2 the pan for MY troubles, but thats besides the point...

Here's what I, I mean *HE* got....
Paid $6.11 for all of it!!
The Special K was 2 for $5. We also had 2 of the 'Buy 1 Get 1 Free' coupons, so he ran these thru in 2 different transaction. Each transaction cost $2.50 (for 2 boxes of cereal) and got him a $2 Register Reward.
Then the Stayfree. It was $6.79 and we had a $3 off 1 coupon from the Walgreens ad (you can use the coupon more than once), and we had a Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon.
So he had it run like this:
Had them scan both packs, then run the BOGO coupon (which was good up to $6 value so it only took of $6), then the $3 Walgreens was run thru TWICE since he bought 2 packs bring the total owed to $1.58 or something like that. He had a $2 RR (Register Reward to use) but they told him it has to be over the $2 RR amount. So he got 2 Nut Roll candy bars (my absoLUTE favorite! Seriously, he buys me pads AND my favorite candy bar? Yeah. He's a keeper.)
And his total out of pocket spent for the pads and 2 candy bars (candy bars were 2 for $1) was $1.11!!
I dont know. It looks confusing here, but on the receipt it all makes sense. He was $.58 OVER the $2 Register Reward, and tax was $.53.

So, we paid $5 of 4 boxes of cereal, $1.11 for 2 packs of pads and 2 candy bars and we STILL
have a $2 RR to use!

Also, I had given him 2 sets of coups to use for the Walgreens Stay free deal (2 mft and 2 Walgreens) and he only got to use 1 set as Walgreens was out of the Stayfree.
SO he took it to Walmart and was able to use it there!
He got 3 pks of pads at Walmart at $5.28 each, then used the buy 1 get 1 free coup and the Walgreens $3 off coupon (so they took $3 off, 3 times since he got 3 packs) and he ended up paying $5.25 for 3 packs there!
I was NOT expecting him to do that. What a guy. Now I got pads comin' out my ears!!
I think I am going to stick them on to my girls feet tomorrow and get them to clean the house with them.
Fun and chore traning all in one! =)


  1. Ok . so I am new to all of this.. You can use coupons from other stores at Walmart???

  2. Wow! I'm impressed.I didn't now either that Walmart would take a Walgreen's coupon. Have you seen MoneySavingMom? She has a great tab that explains Walgreens.

  3. Well, apparently this is in some dispute. I have been able to do it once and so has hubby. However, we went yesterday and tried to use a Target coupon and the cashier was adamant about not taking it and saying they don't accept other stores coupons. i will continue to try though if I have an applicable coupon =)
    Glenda, I have checked out that site but I will! I have several coupon sites/blogs that I love that I will share soon =)