Friday, January 14, 2011

Some deals I am taking advantage of this week...

I have been busy writing out my shopping list for tomorrow and thought I would share with you what I am price matching and what coups I am using on some items (this wont be my whole list, just some highlighted deals) =) *PM stands for 'price matched'

Huggies 320-360 wipes 7.99 PM'd to ShopKo
Gerber's 2nd foods .89 each PM'd Bakers (Jaidyn STILL loves these) =)
1 box each of Cookie Crisp and Cheerios: $1.50 off 2 coupon
Great Value canned peaches and pears .69 each PM'd to HyVee
Hellmans 30oz mayo 2.88 PM I THINK this was Bakers but I have to look it up again, PLUS I have a $.7 off 1 coupon
4 avacados .25 each PM'd to Aldi's
10# bag russet potatoes 2.99 PM'd to Bakers
Eggs .88 each PM'd to Fareway and using $.55 off 2 coupon
16oz Robert's sour cream and chip dip $.88 each PM'd to Super Saver
Land O Lakes 1 gal milk 2.18 PM'd to Super Saver
Land O Lakes 22oz Cottage cheese .99 PM'd to Bag N Save
*I am hoping to spend less than $150 this week which is a lower spending week for me. We are usually closer to $175-$200.

I may also go to Walgreens for more Stayfree using their in ad coupon and a mft. coupon.
I may also take advantage of their Special K deal. Right now they are 2 for $5 and you get $2 Register Rewards, PLUS I have a Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon =)

I LOVE a good deal =)

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