Monday, January 3, 2011

FREE shoes!!

If you read my fitness/running blog at you have been following my Nike shoe saga. If not, I think it was post worthy here. What girl doesn't love free? =)

I bought a pr of Nike Air Max 2009s back in July of last year and used them only for running. By November I had about 200 miles on them. I got home from one of my runs in November and happened to look at the soles of my shoes, which I NEVER do, and noticed that I had worn thru the heel of the sole on the right shoe, and had 'popped' the air cushion in the sole meaning I had NO heel support.
I am more of a 'fore-heel' stricker so I didnt notice it. I have NO clue how long it had been that way.

I went to Finishline to get a new pair and mentioned my predicament to the guy working there who basically just said 'yeah, that's too bad'. Thanks alot buddy.
However, the apparently more HELPFUL and KNOWLEDGE worker was ALSO told my story (hey, it pays to advertise!) as he was checking me out and said 'why dont you see if Nike will give you a new pair?' WHAT????
So I calmly said 'they will do that?' in my most whispering astonished voice.
He chuckled 'yeah. I'm sending mine back and I've had them for 2 years. They're sending me a new pair.
For Free.'

Um, ok. So I went ahead and bought the new 2010s anyway JUST incase (saved big bucks by buying them in the kid size!).
Hubby called Nike, they said to send them in and file a claim. They would either deny the claim and send the shoes back, or accept the claim and send us a voucher for full retail price to use on their website.

And they accepted!! From what I hear, Nike is all about getting customers for life and treating their peeps right. SO I was VERY pleased. They even paid for shipping!
I put my order thru on Dec 23, Thursday, and received my shoes the following Thursday.

Nike rocks.


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