Saturday, January 8, 2011

GREAT shopping trip today and some 'new and improved' =)

*side note: I just spent 30 min writing up a post and went to publish and my internet disconnected! So please believe me when I say the 'first draft' was full to wit and charm, this one will be probably be full of facts and boredom* sigh

Target trip today: 4 boxes Special K cereal, Reese PB mini cups, Colgate toothpaste =$5.74
This cereal was on sale $2/5. I had a mft 'Buy 1 Get 1 Free' on Special K cereal, and a '$1 off 2 Special K' Target coup. I staked these twice and managed to get the boxes for $.75 each!
The Reese's were $2.50 and I had a $1 off Target coupon.
Colgate was $2.49 and I had a $.75 off mft coup and stacked it with a $1 off Target coup.
*I actually went BACK in and got that cereal deal again as I had 2 more 'sets' of mft and Target coups. So 8 boxes of cereal at $.75 each!!

The receipt I am going to bronze.
Or at least custom frame.

Ok, here is my new 'system'!
This is my 3 ring binder.
On the front I have my grocery list. Aldi list at the top, Walmart list in the middle (done in aisle order, price matches are notated as are coupons), Target at the bottom. You can click to enlarge.

Front inside pocket.
On the left are coups to use at Target. Middle are coups I am thinking of using if I can find a good enough deal, right are coups to use at Walmart.

The coupon box has been 'let go' (poor thing), and replaced by this handy dandy 3 hole punched pouch, whose intended purpose was as a pencil holder. It has been promoted to coupon keeper and is TICKLED pink about that =)

I love having my coups with me at the store incase I see an unadvertised sale that I JUST might have a coupon for.

My grocery notebook.
I sit down w/ my grocery ads when they come out and write down the store, and under the store, any items I may want to price match at Walmart, and I also note if I have an coups for that item. Behind the notebook are the grocery ads and any Sunday ads I may be using to price match.
I have used this system for 2 weeks and love it! It may change and evolve 2 or 8 times over the next however long, but for now, I's stickin' wit it =)


  1. Awesome deals!!! Man, wish I would have caught the cereal one. Cereal is such a price killer

    You are very organized!!

    I menu plan, but not exactly to the day. Earlier this week I figured out 21 meals to eat this month- and then purchased the ingredients. The meals aren't day specific but at least all the items are in the house.

  2. That's my problem, I need to get more organized. With all these little ones things are getting chaotic and I never know what's going on. Love your binder idea!

  3. christa-my girls LOVE cereal so I was happy to take advantage of that =) I sort of fudge on the dinners too, as long as I know I have 7 dinners for the week, I dont mind moving them around =)
    Shelly, I HAVE to be organized in this area, or it would NOT work! =)