Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thoughts on yesterday's shopping trip

Just wanted to share a little about my shoppin trip yesterday, what I got, where I went etc...

First stop was to Walgreens for their incredible homestyle Mac N Cheese deal (read the post below this one about that)...

Then to Aldi's. I typically only spend $10-17 here every week. Here are the things I pick up here: potato chips ($1.30), pretzels ($1.30), can of croissants ($1.30), can of biscuits ($.38), tortilla chips ($.99), 4# bag of oranges ($1.49), noodle packs ($.60), small can of mandarin oranges ($.49), frozen burritos ($.29), cinnamon graham crackers ($1.30).
I have also purchased (and liked) their: flour, sugar, corn muffin mix, canned olives, apples, and sometimes their grapes.

After that we stopped at Target where I purchase the waffle for my boy to eat (no dairy). I also did another Special K cereal deal. I used the mft 'Buy 1 Get 1 Free' coupon and stacked with a '$1 off 2' Target coupon. The cereal was on 'Price Cut' yesterday at 2 for $5, so I got 2 boxes of cereal at $.75 each. Score. =)

Then to Walmart for the bulk of my shopping. Some of the good deals I got here:
-Campbells Chunky Soup: On 'roll back at Walmart for $1.50 a can. But Hyvee has it on sale this week for $.99 a can and I had 4 '$1 of 2' coupons, so I got 8 cans for $4!!!
-Trash Bags: the Glad Flex Force 55 count box was $6.84 but I had a $3 off 1 mft coupon making them just $3.84 a box!
-Ronzoni pasta: Walmart has these $1.08 a box and I had a '$1 off 2' mft coupon, so I paid $1.16 for 2 boxes!
-Eggs: I priced matched the eggs to $.88 (on sale at Fareway), and then used a $.55 off 2 coupon making them $.60 each!!

Then we went to No Frills for their 'Buy 10 get $3 off' deal. I got an asst, of 10 of the following: Chef Boyardee Ravioli, Healthy Choice soup and Hunt's Diced tomatoes for $6.80. They also had an in ad coupon 'Buy 4 boxes of Kraft mac N Cheese and they ended up being, I think $.39 each! I think I'm set as far as Mac N Cheese goes =)

Today I am going to send hubby to Bag N Save to get some Banquet Meals. I know they aren' the healthiest but my older 3 girls like them, so I let them have 1 for lunch 1 time a week. They are on sale for $.59 each when you buy 10 and use the in ad coupon.

What kind of deals have you purchased this week?

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